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Dustin Johnson's Wife: Paulina Gretzky Facts & Photos – Golf Span

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Dustin Johnson, a professional golfer with a long history of success and one of the few to maintain a Number 1 world ranking for more than 100 weeks. Any fan of the game will have seen him with a beautiful woman. And you’ve probably wondered who is Dustin Johnson married to and who he spends time with in his personal life.
So, who is Dustin Johnson’s wife? Paulina Gretzky — yes, she’s the daughter of famed hockey player Wayne Gretzky and a successful model. She tied the knot with Dustin Johnson in 2022 in Tennessee. They started dating in 2011 and were engaged in 2013. Dustin and Paulina have now welcomed two children over the years.
Paulina Gretzky has been in the limelight her whole life with her legendary father. She’s also a famous model, actress, singer, and social media influencer, including many behind-the-scenes shots of family life with her kids and Dustin Johnson.
Read on to learn more including interesting facts, her and Dustin’s love story, her wedding, her career, and how involved she is in Dustin’s career.
Let’s dive in!
Who is Paulina Gretzky? Here’s a quick look at some of Dustin Johnson’s wife, Paulina Gretzky’s life and achievements:
As a golf fan, you probably want a little more detail, so keep reading.
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Born in 1988, Paulina Gretzky is a Canadian who’s also a California girl. She didn’t attend college, opting instead to start her career in entertainment.
Her parents first introduced her and Dustin in 2009, but both were in other relationships at the time. In 2011 when they met again, they started dating and were engaged shortly thereafter.
A quintessential California girl, expect lots of pictures featuring Paulina in various swimsuits and soaking up the sun and sand.
This couple has been together for ten years, building their careers, raising a family, and growing closer.
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Many of his fans have wondered, did Dustin Johnson get married? Of course, he has.
The first clue about the eventual wedding of this power couple came in 2013, when Dustin Johnson posted a tweet that simply said, “She said yes!” At the same time, Paulina posted a picture of the stunning engagement ring that went along with the proposal as she and Dustin shared a kiss.
The wedding was held at the luxurious Blackberry Farm, located 3 hours outside of Nashville. The pre-wedding festivities included a lavish bachelorette party that started with a flight on a private jet and wedding dress shopping with Vera Wang.
Paulina documented much of the leadup on her Instagram, letting her fans and Dustin’s see some of the magic and romance that culminated in their wedding on April 4th, 2022.
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Dustin and Paulina have been a couple for a decade, with much of that time spent before their recent wedding. Paulina Gretzky also has kids with Dustin and is supportive of her family.
Their first son, Tatum Gretzky Johnson, was born on January 19, 2015, and welcomed to the world with a statement from his father. “Paulina and I are happy to announce the arrival of our baby boy, who was born in Los Angeles on Monday morning. Both Paulina and the baby are healthy, resting comfortably, and in great spirits! We sincerely appreciate the outpouring of love and support we have received and plan to release further details in the coming days!”
On June 14th, 2017, Paulina gave birth to their second son, River Jones Johnson. Dustin welcomed him to the world with a simple and heartfelt note that reads, “I’m so thankful for my family and the new addition.”
Paulina has long been a major support for Dustin and his career, and that hasn’t changed since they made their relationship official. She is often seen at events — competitions or leisure — right by her husband’s side. Plus, Paulina Gretzky’s Instagram is full of candid family shots and a look at her home life.
Paulina is very connected to her fans through social media and tries to be aspirational and approachable.
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Singer, actress, model, and social influencer Paulina Gretzky has enjoyed a long career in entertainment. If you missed her film debut in Fame, you may remember her from her silver screen performance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where she showed off her supermodel frame in some stunning couture fashion and beachwear.
While not a traditional 9-5er, Paulina is anything but a stay-at-home mom. Still, she manages to be the primary support for her kids and her husband.
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Paulina and Dustin sharing kisses or close physical affection at various tournaments have become common over the years. Paulina is a frequent fan when her husband is teeing off.
She was there in 2022 when he tied for 3rd at the Masters tournament, dressed to match in a green and white dress.
In an interview with People, Dustin said, “She’s such a big supporter of mine … obviously, with golf or any professional athlete, or even a business, you got to have somebody to support you. I’ve spent a lot of time away from home, or at the golf course, or traveling on the road, whatever it is. So you need that special person, especially with the kids. She does a great job taking care of everything else, so all I got to do is worry about golf.”
Paulina and his two kids often make it to the golf course to watch Dustin play. She was there on the day that Dustin earned an unforgettable place in history with a 20-under par score to take home a Masters jacket in 2020. She greeted the champion with a kiss to seal the victory and was also there to console him when he lost to Jordan Spieth, a 21-year-old prodigy and married to his high school sweetheart.
Paulina has even done caddy duty carrying Dustin Johnson’s golf clubs, looking sharp in a white boiler suit for the Masters Par 3 Contest, where it’s traditional to have the golfer’s wives take part.
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You can find lots of public posts from Paulina Gretzky on her Twitter or Instagram. She’s a successful celebutante, and it shows with her frequent posts and information about her modeling career.
Wholesome family photos line up next to stunning fashion shots and exotic vistas as Paulina globe-trots with her camera in hand. She stays engaged with her audience and is always welcoming the general public to be a part of her family life through a digital lens.
No, Rickie Fowler was not married before. He married Allison Stokke in 2019. They have one child together, a daughter named Maya.
Yes, Rickie Fowler and Allison Stokke are still together. They have been married since 2019 and have one child together, a daughter named Maya. They often post photos of their family on social media. In a recent interview, Fowler said that he is “very happy” with his marriage and that Stokke is “the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
It’s wonderful to see a celebrity relationship successfully navigate the trials and stresses of a very public relationship. Dustin and Paulina have enjoyed a loving relationship in which he refers to her as his rock and she calls him her best friend.
Hope this helped give you a better idea of who Paulina Gretzky is and what she means to golf legend Dustin Johnson.
Nick Lomas is the founder of GolfSpan, an avid golfer, not quite a pro but has over 15-years of experience playing and coaching golfers from all over the world. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience then it comes to choosing the right golf gear, and finding the right set up for your game.

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