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You Own It, You Control It – It’s your Event Privacy

The Smart Way to Share Photos

Data privacy is more difficult than ever in 2018. The rise of apps that collect and store information from your phone contacts, to your photos, videos and camera is more alarming than ever. With the recent scandal involving Facebook’s data leak to Cambridge Analytica, Text Event Pics is more adamant than ever to keep our user’s information secure.

Here’s the bottom line: we do not own the photos you take – YOU do! And we know that’s the way it should be. Your photos are copyrighted and available for download by the registered Event Host on your account, eliminating the need to share photos on social media and therefore eliminating potential data scraping on your event, your timeline and your guest’s data.

How We Keep Your Information Safe:   (Note: We don’t make money on your data! We simply sell a service.)

  • No App. You receive a unique Event Phone Number that you may distribute for use at your event. Photos are texted in directly from your guests’ personal phones to your Event Phone Number, rather than downloading an app asking for personal data permissions.
  • Uploading photos to third-party networks like Facebook gives Facebook legal rights to the photos. With Text Event Pics the Event Host owns the copyrights to the photos. All pictures you receive and choose to keep and display via a big screen at your event, are copyrighted and owned by you the Event Host. Data will not be shared or distributed to outside companies. Text Event Pics does not sell data.
  • Your event photos are stored on our secure server until you are ready to download them. Only a registered, Event Host may download the event’s photos. Photos may be privately distributed rather than shared on Facebook or other sites where data may not be secure.

Text Event Pics really is the future of photo sharing. Keep your data safe, secure, and enjoy gathering and sharing memories at your next event risk-free. Register free today by signing up here – no gimmick, no worries.

Want to learn more? Give us a call at 1-415-741-2001 or email us directly.

Ready to share some memories today?

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