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Bachelorette Party Decorations Prompt Discussion – News Channel 5 Nashville

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The front door of an East Nashville home had quite the display over the weekend.
“My ex-wife sent me a picture, and she said, ‘You know what, you could put this on the East Nashville Facebook page because this is something,’ and it was a picture of penises,” David Cathro said. “And it said ‘one penis forever.'”
It was hard to miss at the corner of Creighton Avenue and Porter Road.
“So I was thinking maybe someone got married? And it’s wishful thinking they’re going to be with one person forever, but it could have been like a bachelorette party? I thought it was funny because there had recently been an inflatable woman picture on a building, so I guess it’s a trend to have exciting things posted on the front of buildings,” Cathro said.
Cathro has lived on Shelby Avenue for 20 years. He has stayed upstairs and rented out the lower floor of his home through Airbnb. A lot of his guests have been musicians.
“There’s about 4,000 records, there’s 129 guitars in this house. There’s a bunch more upstairs,” Cathro said.
He has hoped the image of the questionable stickers won’t stain people’s perceptions of all short-term rentals.
“My Airbnb’s different because I live here, so I interact with my guests so I guess I get more families, so I don’t imagine people would put penises on the front of my house,” Cathro said. “But on the other hand, I don’t think it’s the end of the world to be honest.”
On Sunday, the stickers had been taken down. According to neighbors like Benjamin Stork, the image was hard to forget.
“I believe it was a bachelorette party. They had some iconography of penises,” Stork said.
He said they haven’t had any noise issues, so they’re fine with it. He has a 6-month-old at home.
“I thought it was kind of funny. It doesn’t really bother me or my wife,” Stork said.
As opinions circulated about the photo online, Cathro was at home waiting to book his next Airbnb guest.
“You definitely wouldn’t want penises hanging everywhere in the neighborhood. You don’t want it to be a trend,” Cathro said.
The Metro Council has been working on a bill that would slap down regulations or the elimination of certain short-term rentals.
The committee has been working on possible changes, so voting has been deferred to October 3.
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