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Hi, we are Ron & Annie, the creators of TextEventPics.com

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When we started planning our wedding. Ron wanted disposable cameras on the tables but Annie said it would not fit in the budget. The cost of the cameras and the cost of getting them developed, even if the picture is terrible was more than we could fit in our budget. Plus, everyone already has a cell phone that takes better pictures!

How could we easily collect all the pictures our guests will take, and share them privately?

How can we solve the guest picture issue? Where will all of their pictures go? Even worse, what if the pictures never leave their phones!

We researched our options and did not find an acceptable solution. Here is the results.

  1. Our parents are not going to download an App to learn and use for one day. Not gonna happen.
  2. I didn’t want all the pictures going to my cell phone all night because then I would have to download them to my computer or send a few at a time to my own email. Too much work.
  3. I didn’t want to give a “free App” all of my personal data… like my GPS coordinates, ALL the photos in my phone, ALL of my Contacts List, plus ALL of my personal accounts info. Why do they need all of that?? (A free App isn’t  free when they spy on & sell your personal data.)
  4. I also didn’t think it was right to ask all of our guests to give away all of their personal data for “free” either.
  5. Lastly Facebook, or a hashtag for picture sharing on social media, wouldn’t work as many of the guests are not connected. Plus, we didn’t want our private pictures on public social media.
  6. Create our own picture gallery online for our wedding

Thus, TextEventPics was born creating a simple solution that gave us instant gratification. We asked all of our guests to text their photos to our Event Phone Number.

The event phone number is connected to a computer. TextEventPics.com publishes a private photo gallery that only your guests can view. Pics can be published immediately or held for moderation. No App necessary, just text your photos.

We decided to turn it into a service so everyone can easily get their own Event Phone Number.

You’re ideas and suggestions are welcome too.

Below are a few pictures from our wedding that were text in that day.

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